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Being A Butterfly SOUL !

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

This one pose has always been one of my personal favorites, calm beautiful relaxing and extremely soothing


An asana that is stable and comfortable, is the perfect ASANA”

Every asana is a layout in itself, for your body mind and soul, aligns them all together to be one. That is what leads them all towards a great living , inspiring us to find and reach a a greater purpose for our lives.

The Butterfly Pose or Baddha Konasana, also called as Bound Angle pose, is one lovely asana to practice, with extraordinary benefits added to it.

First part is to know how to land into a butterfly pose, start with sitting on the ground, maintaining a straight back and shoulder, both the feet touching hold them tight bringing them closer, now with an exhale; bend the knees and bring the feet close to pelvic region, and drop the knees out on the floor touching the soles of the feet together, stay in the pose or keep fluttering for a minimum of 30 seconds.


If you are feeling it that means you are doing it, doesn't matter how the pose looks on you, keep in mind that it's not a beautification but a practice of your own.

Thinking about the benefits already?

well there isn't just one but many.

This posture works great towards stimulating your Abdominal Organs, Ovaries, Prostate Glands, Bladder and Kidneys. Improves General Circulation and leads you towards a healthy heart.

Good stretch to your inner thighs.

Also helps you get rid of depression, fatigue and anxiety. And ladies; if you feel discomforted during your cycle or face issues with your menopause, this one posture is going to work miracles towards all your menstrual problems.

Get Inspired and Inspire The Rest !


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