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Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Have you ever analysed a tree?

You know how it roots itself deep inside the soil to stand tall and beautiful on the ground, you know how no chaos, no pandemic can shake it’s will to stand that way and keep growing, you know how it derives all it’s energies and power from the ground it’s rooted with,, and keep going up and ahead towards the sun and the open universe. It’s a symbol of Balance, Power, Strength, Concentration, Growth and positivity.

Imagine you are the tree with life… just like a normal tree you were evolved from a seed, and eventually grew into a strong and powerful Individual being. Everything was composed right as long as you were a child and then something changed, you became obnoxious, disconnected from your own body you keep on moving towards the materials of life, wondering why can’t you feel the true happiness anymore, why is your body suffering all time, asking for special attention and extra care, why is it that you have to rely on medicines, above all; the Corona Pandemic has made it all even more shaky and questionable.

Well the answer is with you and within you.

YOGA… simple, easy, beautiful, graceful, healing and powerful!

It can be an answer to all the questions you have, it’s not just a practice of the body, instead it’s a practice of the mind and the soul, it will help you reconnect within, regain that strength you have been missing, it will regenerate that energy inside you that has been dead for so long, if you truly get adapted to YOGA, it will be your renaissance.

All along in the process of growing up, just learning and earning, you forget your roots, you forget the nature of the nurturing soul, you get consumed so much into these worldly knowledge that the knowledge of the divine source is blurred and somewhat been erased but it’s traces are still inside you. Why not use the lock-down to take up ourselves as a challenge, make up your mind, take a deep breath, look deep within us and find our roots; let’s see where all and what all we have locked away and needs to be freed to reach that higher self of ours, let us release them all, with every deep inhale; take in all that positive energy and with every exhale release those negative energies and the bodily or mental locks that has been keeping you from your source or the divine self. Let every inhale become your key to open you up to a greater state of balance, strength, positivity, gratitude, growth and belongingness.

Let this Practice evolve and grow with you, few minutes of meditation with the self, few asanas daily, start with the simplest, draw challenges for yourself from time to time, Let us try and do one of my favorites today, The Tree Pose ( VRKSASANA ), with an agenda of reaching higher and higher with the hands and rooting deeper and deeper with the feet, this pose uses and strengthens every muscle of your body, including the spine, the abdominal, pelvic, hamstrings, gluteus, hip joints, strengthening the ankles, the legs, the hips and the back, Increasing your Coordination, Balance, Stability and Concentration, also on a metaphysical level. This posture also teaches us to be humble and grounded as staying in it and holding it; requires letting go of the ego, finding your humility and thus becoming stronger and powerful _ inside and out!

All that strength is just one breath away <3


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