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the MAGIC within YOU!

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

_ PART 4 ...

The Heart Centre

They say that the heart wants what is wants but let’s see why 😉

The heart centre, located in the region of the heart in the centre of the chest is our Anāhata Chakra, (Anāhata Nāda = unlimited, infinite sound) the temple of our own divine,

we all know Hanuman, the great devotee of Lord Rāma, he often used to tell people that Lord Rāma and Devi Sītā, sat enthroned in his heart. When someone made some sceptical and derisive comments about this he was hurt by these doubts and exclaimed: “I can prove that I am speaking the truth!” And with that he seized his chest with both hands and pulled it open – and there, within his heart, the living images of Rāma and Sītā were truly seen.

Chandogya Upanishad states_

“In the centre of the body there is a little shrine surrounded by a wall with eleven doors. Hidden within the shrine a Lotus blossoms, and within this there is a tiny, little room.”

Call it a myth, fantasy, faith or just a story, it still moves something inside you, that’s close to your heart… amidst a yogi’s spiritual journey; following the heart is also an art, and an intricate one too, sometimes in the process of awakening these spiritual energy centre of our body, a Sadhaka get’s stuck here, it’s easy to rise from Mūlādhāra to Svādhishthāna to Manipūra and Anāhata, and this brings us as close to our ego as possible, the Anāhata resides in the centre of all seven acting as a gateway from causal to subtle and reaching here means you have already attained a lot inside the deepest of your insightful spiritual self and are very close to the supreme consciousness, but it also means that now is the maximum possibility of a practitioner getting caught in the ego which may create blockages for his/her higher perfection or a higher spiritual journey, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, it just means that the upcoming path will be difficult and you will need to be extra aware about your senses and pay extra attention to your practice.

Mentioned below are some basic qualities associated with Anāhata Chakra

COLOR – Green, dedicated to hope, expressiveness and the radiation of fire from Manipūra

TATTVA – Air (vayu) dedicated to the kinetic behavior, movement, energy, touch and sensation


SYMBOL – 12 Petal Lotus, dedicated to the twelve qualities of heart - joy, peace, kindness, patience,

love, harmony, clarity, compassion, purity, understanding, forgiveness, bliss

ANIMAL – Antelope, a symbol of speed, sensitivity, and vigilance

DIVINE – Shiva and Shakti – the purest form of love, the consciousness and prakriti

PRANA – Breath (prana)

PLANE – Maharloka, the immediate neighborhood of earth

PLANET – Venus

EMOTION – Attachment, Feelings, Love

METAL – Copper

MINERAL – Potassium

STONE – Saphire

CHARACTERSTIC – Perception, Lack of Vision


SENSE ORGAN – Skin, associated with touch sensation

TASTE – Astringent

QUALITY – Expansion


GLAND – Thymus

PLEXUS – Cardiac Plexus





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