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Why ... do we need YOGA ?

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

We humans, being such advanced creatures of nature, we want everything fast and easy, in that context, we never realized how and when we happen to loose the hold of the one thing that has literally always been with us _ our own BODY., but then it starts to tell us, and that is the moment we feel unwell / unhealthy or uneasy or anything like that, it's a way of our body telling us that "it's high time you humans have ignored me and now I need some extra attention and some special care." True, isn't it?

I know it's normal in a world like today,

When nothing seems to work and you get tired of medicines, and of'coarse a good advise from a well wisher, you finally decide to turn to YOGA, no?

You have been working day and night, earning big, spending bigger and one day you decide to turn to a practice that's divine for you, your body and your soul, beautiful thought, I appreciate it and that's what brings benefits to us teachers, from a personal experience and after being a practitioner for so many years, one thing I can say with full confidence is that YOGA truly aligns you, not just from outside or inside but in an eternal manner. You find a divine within you if you dedicate yourself to your practice. I say all that with so much of confidence because I have lived it and felt it, seeing my students feel the same is just secondary. You want to loose some extra weight you have, you want to heal yourself deeply, you want to feel the universal power that exists beyond the existence that we know of, you want to connect with your lord, or you just want some peace in your life... YOGA is the path.

Your body is an outfit you will be wearing your whole life, YOGA is the soap and the method and everything that you need to keep that attire tidy fresh and maintained lifelong."

Talking scientifically, yoga can heal pretty much anything and everything -

  • Science says that a regular practice leads to a decreased level of cortisol in the body, which is a primary stress hormone. A lower level of cortisol means less anxiety, less stress, less fatigue, less depression and an improved mental health.

  • It is also found to be beneficial in reducing inflammation, leading to a lesser risk to pro-inflammatory diseases, like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

  • A healthier Heart.

  • Also benefits in reducing Chronic Pain, gives you a better sleep, greater balance, focus and concentration.

  • It is said to be helpful in stimulating the Vagus Nerve, which happens to be effective in relieving Migraine.

Experience talks, Yoga gives you -

  • Good flexibility and muscle strength.

  • Powered up immune system.

  • Good respiration and metabolism.

  • Weight Control.

  • Improved Cardio and Circulatory System.

  • Protection from Diseases and Injuries.

  • Positivity and Good Vibes.

Well that would be all for now, and if you still haven't started yet, NOW is the time.

Get Inspired and Inspire The Rest !


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