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the MAGIC within YOU !

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

_PART 1...

Have you ever tried to correlate MAGIC and Your BODY?

do you know how magical your body is, and in how many ways it contributes to your thoughts, existence, and your overall personality? The divine has already assembled you with all that’s necessary to keep you healthy, happy and content. The Spinning wheels of energy in your Spine, also known as the Chakras that work simultaneously to generate energy and keep the life force actively distributed to every organ of your body, they are thousands in numbers as per our ancient yogic literatures but the major Seven starting from the bottom of your spine to the top of the head or your Crown, have been accepted widely and are said to govern our whole existence.

Let us talk about the one that creates your foundation, the first and the most Important of all, the Chakra located at your Root Centre, the Root Chakra or the Mūlādhāra Chakra ( मूलाधारचक्र), made from Sanskrit root words मूल(mula) that means Root, Origin or Essence & आधार(aadhaar) which refers to the Foundation or the Base, the exact location of the chakra is at the lower end of your Spinal Column below the coccyx.

The Root chakra governs your Stability and survival, the basic instincts you possess, for example the Hunger, Thirst, Shelter, Safety and you’re your emotional needs like letting go of the fear, embracing love, feeling of affection. Once you fulfil them, you automatically tend to develop a sense of safety and security inside you, associated with the physical body that includes your adrenal glands, colon, kidneys, skeleton/bones, muscles, and arterial blood that flows through the left chamber of the heart, carrying oxygen and nutrients to our body tissue, it acts as a base for the life force (PRANA) and gives us motivation to eat, sleep and procreate, at psychological and spiritual level, it helps us to develop our personal integrity, self-esteem and sense of belonging, establishing a deeper connection to our Divine Self.

COLOR – Red that Signifies Vitality

TATTVA – Earth that signifies Motherhood, Power, Nourishment, Security and Protection


SYMBOL – Four Petal Lotus, signifying the four directions

ANIMAL – An Elephant with seven Trunks, signifies Wisdom, Wealth, the seven major minerals (saptadhatu)

DIVINE - Pashupati Mahadeva, a form of Lord Shiva as The Lord of The Animal World

SYMBOL – Grey SHIVALINGAM, the unconscious, Snake (Kundalini Shakti/energy), Inverted Triangle (Creation), all signifying the Awakening of the Dormant Energy, the Supreme Self

PRANA – Apana (exhalation / elimination / downward direction)

PLANE – Physical (Bhuloka / Bhurloka)


EMOTION – Ego / pride / Principle Rudra (Ahamkaar)

METAL – Lead

MINERAL – Calcium

STONE – Onyx

CHARACTERSTIC – Passion (Kama)

SENSATION – Laziness (aalasya)

SENSE ORGAN – Nose, Sense of Smell / Principle Ashvini (ghraana)

FEATURE – Elimination (granta)

TASTE – Bitter

QUALITY – Contraction (Samkocha)

BODY PART – Bones (Asthi)

ORGAN – Anus / Principle yama, Distruction

GLAND – Gonads (Reproductive)

PLEXUS – Solar

ALTERNATE NAMES – Mula Kamala, Mula Prakriti

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